Jenny Pura, DD


 is our founding partner and hospitality enthusiast.  She created the Drink Doctor out of her love for excellent entertaining and reputation for being the hostess with the mostess.  She is an expert in Napa Valley wineries and all things Champagne.  She is pursuing a Masters of Food Studies degree at NYU and has previously worked for Wine & Spirits Magazine, Astor Wines & Spirits, and The Michelin Guide.


Mike Greenstein, DD

Mike developed an affinity for distillation and mixology during his time stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army.  "Dr. G", as his beloved clients call him, is famous for his Sunday Bloody Sunday program and for his wealth of information on beer and German riesling.  When not crafting exceptional cocktails, Mr. Greenstein is the Drink Doctor's CFO; putting his MBA to good use.



Melanie Hogan, DD



Melanie had a storied career in online sales before following her passion for all things boozy.  She deftly runs all logistics for the Drink Doctor; ensuring our clients are receiving the highest level of care from scheduling an appointment to ordering supplies to the Drink Doctor selected to take the case.


Eugene DiBenedetto, DD

Eugene is our trusted muscle and responsible for all bar-backing responsibilities.  Often accompanying the Drink Doctors on their house calls, Eugene is an indispensable asset to ensuring the program's continued success and reputation for efficient, professional service.